What is PNR-Enhanced?

Records created following the rules of Provider-Neutral and those created under the rules of AACR2 each have their pros and cons.

Provider-Neutral records: reflect the date of original publication in the Fixed Fields and the 260 What are PNR-Enhanced Records?Field, but does not allow for 490/830 Series Statements.

AACR2 records: include Series Statements but reflect the date of creation of the electronic product which can be misleading in a catalog display.
When we merged all of our records, some of the PNR records were merged onto AACR2 records, losing that valuable original publication date information in the Fixed Fields.

To solve this issue, and create a record which encompasses the most popular customizations, we have created what we call PNR-Enhanced records.

PNR-Enhanced Records are essentially modified Provider Neutral records. We have utilized the 264 field to house the electronic product publication information and moved the original publication information into the 260. We also adjusted the original date and state of publication in the 008 Fixed Field and removed the 538 and 506 notes.

Please see the sample record for a clearer picture of a PNR-Enhanced Record.


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