National Thank Your Mentor Day – Guest Author Katrina Piechnik

Guest Author – Katrina Piechnik, Library Systems Manager, Jenkins Law Library

Yes, you asked me about my mentors.

This is very complicated for me because I grew up and was educated in Poland before coming to the United States. As a result I have been exposed to different cultures, but this is America.

I guess my first and the most important mentor was my mother, a very hard-working individual with an excellent work ethic. My mother’s lessons have influenced my life and and helped to make me the person I am today.  At the age of 12, my father died, which left my mother in charge of their business, I took over  taking care of small things like taking care of the house, cleaning, washing windows. Yes, this is not a joke here, I always enjoyed washing windows and floors, as they always gave me a sense of comfort in the home.  I guess I still do this in the library environment: database cleanup, weeding, making processes run smoothly. Life, in my eyes, is about maintenance, maintaining relationships, databases and everything else. Yes, I am committed to this.

I do not know when this started, but reading biographies and autobiographies was and still is my passion, Frederic Chopin, Franklin Roosevelt, Samuel Adams, … and others ….. were my mentors.

I met many people who had an impact on my life. My husband of 33 years (and great friend) showed me the value of being always there for me.

I always try to do a little more and little better than expected and this really makes me feel great.

Being part of any group and making the difference is the activity/circumstance/situation/something that brings the most happiness to me and I hope you too, so please always give credit where is due and say thank you to everyone that has impact on your life and try give it back the same to others.

Thank you to the many of you that I have had the pleasure of working with and knowing and for the influence you had on me. You all did.

Katrina Piechnik


Katrina Piechnik is the Library Systems Manager at Jenkins Law Library. Find her on LinkedIn!


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