New Classification Subclass for Law of Hawaii

Subclass KVJ, Law of Hawaii (to 1900), is a new subclass of Law that has been developed at the Library of Congress. Subclass KVJ covers the indigenous law of the pre-Kingdom period (to 1810), the period of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi (1810-1893), including overthrow of the monarchy and Provisional Government (1893-1894), and the Republic of Hawaiʻi (1894-1900), including the Transitional Government (1894-1900).

“KVJ 1-2998” sits this section of the Law of Hawaii in the “Pacific area jurisdictions” just hawaiiahead of the Law of the Cook Islands.

The period of the Territory of Hawai’i (1900-1959) is included in Subclass KFH 1-599, with the Stateof Hawaii.

The new subclass KVJ appears in Classification Web and is approved for use by the Library of Congress.

Submitted by: Joni L. Cassidy, President, Cassidy Cataloguing Services, Inc.


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