West Academic Publishing records subscriber update

West Academic Publishing has updated their platform and have rolled out new URLs for their “Study Aids”. We at Cassidy have replaced the URLs in our three sets of westacademicWest Academic Publishing MARC records and will be redistributing them to all subscribers at no additional charge with the August record deliveries.

If your library subscribes to West Academic Publishing content and you are not yet a subscriber of Cassidy Cataloguing’s full MARC records, here is some information on the packages we offer:

  • Full Access Suite – Full MARC records for everything on the site
  • Student Suite – Full MARC records for all content except Hornbooks
  • Nutshell & Hornbook Suite – Full MARC records for only the Nutshells & Hornbooks

All sets have available Quarterly Update Service which provides records for newly added content, delete notices for any content that goes off the site for any reason, and modified records in case a change is necessary.

As always, customization of records is available for FREE and if you need help loading or have any questions, you can contact us any time!

Samples of our records are available here:

And as always, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at info@cassidycat.com.


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